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The agricultural census by the eyes of children

This year in February among schoolchildren the regional competition of essays and drawings devoted to the All-Russian Agricultural Census has been launched. And from the 1 of August the ARAC-2016 З Press-Center has declared a receipt of works for the ALL-Russian Contest of Children’s Drawing.

Currently, the district stage of the regional contest of drawings and essays has ended.  At the regional level the results will be summed up in the end of April.  According to the Head of Chelyabinskstat Nadezhda Kolotova, the goal of the contest is popularization of the forthcoming large-scale statistic survey, the formation among South Ural pupils of careful attitude to the peasant traditions, respect to agricultural labor.  

According to the ARAC-2016 Press-Center every child of the age of 7-12 years may take part in the All-Russian Contest of Children’s Drawings. Creative works can reflect different plots associated with the agricultural census (meeting a census taker, procedure of filling in a census blank, etc.). Additional elements of works may become landscapes, showing the results of agricultural work, pictures of agricultural workers as well as farm animals and birds. Every child participating in the contest can draw and submit to the contest the unlimited number of works.

The contest is held in the period from April 1to June 21, 2016. Works will be accepted till May 31, 2016. All the participants to the contest are divided into two age groups: I age group of 7-9 years, II age group of 10-1 years. To take part in the contest, the participants will require filling in a special form available on the website.

Winners and runners-up of the contest of each age group will be determined in two stages. First, on the website of the Press-Center of the All-Russian Agricultural Census of the year 2016 the user voting will be held. From each age group 10 participants whose works will win the most points will be selected. Then the jury of the contest will select one winner and two runners-up. The key selection criteria are as follows: compliance of the works with the contest topic and originality of their performance.

Bonus fund of the Contest makes up 35, 000 rubles. Two winners will get 6, 500 rubles each and four runners-up will get 5, 500 rubles each.

The All-Russian Agricultural Census which will be held in our country in the period from July 1 to August 15 of the year 2016 will become an important event for all those engaged in agriculture. Today in the rural areas of Russia 26% of the Russian Federation population reside. Most of them are employed in agricultural production; if to the number of permanent rural residents we add the inhabitants of cities and towns possessing household plots, country cottages and garden plots, we will understand that the agricultural census will involve the most part of the country population.

More detailed information on the conditions of participation in the contest and technical requirements to the works can be found on the website of the Press-Center of the All-Russian Agricultural Census of the year 2016 in the Section “Contest of Children’s Drawings”. You can follow the progress of the Contest in the pages of the ARAC-2016 Press-Center in social networks: “Vkontakte” and Facebook