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Chelyabinsk Region is getting ready actively to the conduction of the All-Russian Agricultural Census of 2016. At the meeting of Chelyabinsk Region Governor with the heads of executive authorities and local self-government ones the statement of Nadezhda Kolotova, the Head of the territorial body of the Federal Service of Government Statistics of the Chelyabinsk Region have been heard on April 21st.

All-Russian Agricultural Census takes place in the territory of the Russian Federation from 1 June to 15 August. Census will cover 334.4 thousands of objects in the Chelyabinsk Region. Among them: 375 agricultural organizations and part-time agricultural farms of non-agricultural organizations, 4880 peasant households and individual entrepreneurs, 297.8 thousands of personal part-time farms and other individual households of rural and city areas citizens, 855 non-commercial associations of citizens (fruit growing, vegetable growing and cottage) in which composition will be enumerated 30,4 thousands of citizens’ parcels.

The head of the Chelyabinskstat noted that all the planned for the current moment measures for the preparation of All-Russian Agricultural Census 2016 have been executed. Information on census objects was clarified, organizational plan of census conduction in the territory of the Chelyabinsk Region and each of the municipal structure was approved, the necessity in census personnel was determined - 825 persons, 707 of them are enumerators and 118 are instructors. Information on necessity of premises, their security, transport vehicle provision and deliver of communication services for organization of work of persons attracted to perform works on preparation and conduction of ARAC-2016 was presented to the Ministry of Agriculture of the Chelyabinsk Region.

Activities to update list of objects of ARAC-2016 were ended. Lists of agricultural organizations, peasant (farm) households, and individual entrepreneurs have been updated according to their registration at the regional level. Control over the lists of personal part-time and other individual households of citizens in the rural or city areas have been conducted by authorized persons on issues of census in municipal structures and their deputies by blanket bypassing of all the inhabited localities. According to the results of bypassings waste and passed through households as well as those which were in lists were absented in practice have been educed.

In the course of that meticulous work have been educed problem moments in all the municipal structures. There problems are: pariah dogs constituting threat for the work of enumerators, absence of address plates on houses and so on. As of 1st April each tenth property on a list of census objects was without the address plates in the Chelyabinsk Region. Problematic issues were instantly reviewed by the municipal structures heads at the office meetings, at sessions of ARAC Commission in the municipal structures and the ways of solutions were worked out.

In May-June the Chelyabinskstat will arrange the stage-by-stage training of persons involved in activity on the ARAC conduction on the programme: “The procedure for ARAC conduction and filling of census documentation”. Around 2 thousands of people will be trained with the use of specially worked out multimedia training programme including 375 representatives of agricultural organization, more than 1 thousand of census personnel. Besides, training will be conducted by specialists of statistics bodies of regional and district levels and, if necessary, local self-governmental bodies will be also trained.

Municipal structures of the Chelyabinsk Region according with the Law of the Chelyabinsk Region of 4.12.2015 № 272-ЗО “On the investment of local-governmental bodies with State authorities on conduction and preparation of ARAC-2016” are performing the conduction of tendering procedures and contracts’ conclusions for rent of secured premises for census personnel activities, provision with transport vehicles as well as means of communication.

The need of Chelyabinsk Region in secured premises is 123 units; the minimum need in transport vehicles is 204 units, means of communication – 123 units. As for the middle of April were prepared 116 premises or 94% of the necessary number. The selection of premises in Ashinsky, Bredinsky, Nagaibaksky, Plastovsky municipal districts and Ust-Katavsky city district was not finished. 70 premises (60%) out of 116 are provided with security.

The Head of Chelyabinskstat has also paid attention to the necessity of accurate selection of census personnel and formation of backup personnel composition inasmuch as the census will be conducted for a long period – 46 days. For now 85% of census personnel is selected in total at the Region.